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A Little About the Area

Chimney Rock Village is rich with history, tradition and southern hospitality. Many of the 121 full time residents of the Village have lived here most of their lives and are full of stories of a bygone era.

Having raised our family in the big city of Seattle, WA which was once voted one of the "coldest" cities when it came to hospitality, this has been quite a change!

It seems strange to interact daily with the same people at the grocery store, bank, in the shops, school and at all the community activities. We can even safely allow our older children to walk down the two blocks to visit Grandma at the Broad River Inn because they know someone in the shops all along the way.

It has however been quite a struggle to get used to limited cell service and lousy internet speeds. Having been only miles from Microsoft in Seattle we were used to lighting speeds everywhere we went. Though the beauty that surrounds us and the sunshine that we get to enjoy most of the year here has been a wonderful treat.

We do hope you'll take the time to look up from your screens, drink in the fresh mountain air and embrace the small town feel found here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is nothing quite like Small Town Livin'. 
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